Rear wrap around extension.

One feature of this project is the exposed steelwork which creates the large open space of the wrap around extension area.

More than just an extension.

Our client wanted a beautiful extension from top to bottom. The roof is a GRP fibreglass system with standing seem effect which enhances the visual aesthetic.

Who wants a kitchen island?

The concept behind the large space was to make was for two things. One being the large kitchen table and two being the much desired kitchen island!

Enlarged Bathroom.

The existing bathroom was incredibly small and note fit for purpose. JAS enlarged the bathroom so that we could fit a large freestanding bath, a show cubicle and concepted services for the WC and basin.

Bringing light in.

This loft was dark and uninviting. We enhanced the space with these double roof lights which brings in tonnes of light and ventilation on those hot summer days.

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Creation of En-suite.

We created an en-suite in the master bedroom of this property using the same products as the main bathroom which matches with the theme of the property throughout.

Making space for another bedroom.

The loft area required enhancement with insulation, plaster boarding and decorating. The room became suitable for another double bedroom to used, adding value to the property.

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